Ermanno Palace Suite

Ermanno Palace Suite Monaco

Ermanno Palace Suite Monaco

Saturday - Sunday
The Ermanno experience offers fantastic views of the Start/Finish straight & first corner - one of the best views at the circuit. The 4th floor lets you see the cars up close and get a sense of the speed and sound as they break hard to tackle the first corner directly in front. The balcony is long and sheltered, making it a comfortable race-viewing day. A full day of hospitality is served in the suite with a light breakfast and hot & cold buffet luncheon. A selection of drinks is served throughout the day, including champagne, fine wines, spirits, beers and other beverages...

Saturday, 25th May 2024 - $1355.00 per person

Sunday 26th May 2024 - $3725.00 per person

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