Starter | Victory 2024

Sakhir, Bahrain Starter | Victory Package 2024

Exclusive Pit Lane Walk

An exclusive pitlane walk offers an unobstructed view of team personnel and garages. Watch as pit crews and mechanics prepare the F1 cars for their laps around the race tracks, with many of the teams practising pitstops and tyre changes as the fan mass around their on-track heroes to get a glimpse of their favourite cars or race drivers.

Guided Track Tour

Get to know the circuit better with a lap on board the flatbed truck used for the F1 drivers' parade. Watch the race track as it twists and turns through the famous race track giving you a better understanding of how the track is laid out, or simply enjoy the ride and wave to like-minded race fans around the circuit.

Championship Trophy Photo

Pose for a professional photo on the track with the authentic World Championship trophies, and send selfies and pictures to your friend or use the opportunity to post on Instagram or Facebook.

Victory Grandstand Seating

3-Day Race Ticket Located on the straight away before Turn 14, Seat-Back Style Seating.

3-Day Race Ticket & Thursday Activities
It is located on the straightaway before Turn 14 Covered - Seat-Back Style Seating.

Thursday Friday Saturday & Sunday 5th March 2024

$799.00 per person

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