Paddock Club Legend

Singapore, Marina Bay Street Circuit - Formula One Paddock Club Legend™ Seating

Formula One Paddock Club™ Hospitality

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
Paddock Club is more than just exquisite dining, inspiring spaces and exceptional service – it's access to the beating heart of F1. Enjoy the ultimate motorsport spectacle from the best seats in the house. Only the teams themselves get closer to the screaming engines and hot tarmac. Welcome to a hospitality experience like no other.

Legend Paddock Club™ Pit Lane Walk

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Paddock Club Pit lane walks offer a unique vantage point over the team garages, with a clear view of the start and finish line and into the pit lane. Guests also enjoy access to the F1 backstage area with exclusive access for Pit lane walks at dedicated times between the racing.

One-Day Paddock Access

1 day
Paddock access offers an unobstructed view of team personnel and garages. Watch as pit crews and mechanics prepare the F1 cars for their laps around the race tracks, with many of the teams practising pitstops and tyre changes as the fan mass around their on-track heroes to get a glimpse of their favourite cars or race drivers.

Podium Ceremony Access

Get priority access to the pit lane after the race for an up-close view of the podium ceremony watch as drivers hold their trophies aloft and spray champagne in celebration of a victory or precious points.

Exclusive Extras

F1 TV Access, F1 Experiences Gift, F1 Experiences Lanyard & Ticket Sleeve

3-Day Race Ticket

Paddock Club™

Covered - Hospitality

Friday 15th, Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th September 2023

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